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(free) 04:25


released 15 March 2011

All songs mixed and engineered by Matt Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios.
All songs written and performed by Steddy P. except where noted.
All scratched performed by DJ Mahf.
Artwork by Jim Mahfood aka FOOD ONE.

#1 by Ill Poetic
#4,10 by P.R.E for Terrible Tues Productions (LA)
#2,8,11 by Info Gates
#5 by Abstracked
#3,6,7,9 by Ben Bounce & Matt Sawicki
#13 by Matt Sawicki for Kracratraxxx




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Track Name: Illtro
I'm coming in like what,
style stunt no front chump,
stuck, bass heavy with trunk bump,
daddy used to say stuck like chuck,
but ain't never been the one
waiting round on good luck,

also not the dude on some ah shucks,
churn it out fast, the net ain't
ready these hockey pucks, in the
heartland where we look up,
not much for the scene but I bet I gotta
full cup,

still pitching like batter up,
he better zip the chatter up,
wild throw ambulance truck,
a day late and a dollar short,
always out for that buck like
a slut for the fuck punk,

niggas in the town get yo bars up,
before they on the trash truck, ok, they
all suck,
4th down fool, so you gotta punt,
or find your ass stuck up,
troost, prospect, van brunt,
killa city, yeah fam, I go nutz,
before wiz and currency,
I was off the blunts,
and before I was 13, I was off the runts,
little man in a big town, without a lunch,
so I stuck em in the jaw once,
and that's what happened.

what happened, they was clappin',
then they got to clappin',
I guess it was bout time for some action,
bboys hit the windmill flashin' fashion,
culture where we do it for the satisfaction,

support the family when they slackin'
take care of those who backin'
forget those lackin'
we moving forward, like smashin'
filling you in on where we been with the turntables and the rappin'

never signed a deal where I stressed over fractions,
I just had an attraction for a crowd reaction,
all that hater talk will get
your cards pulled then you gotta walk and that's a very unnecessary Distractions,
now your ass on the sidewalk picking up teeth
all because you lied about your... passion,

hey wait, Steddy, grab a brew, roll a joint,
release stress from the pressure point, and
quit the yapping,
but this is how it happened, they came in with the straps and,
that's when the homie waved the napkin,
really didn't matter, everthing for the taking,
drinking anything, it was love they were
so handsome cold chillin villain straight mackin'
97 throwback jackin', no bitch fight smackin',
wait for dinner, no snackin',
you can still die there relaxin'!
Track Name: Rock Steddy
critics must be playing, don't appreciate the ethics,
got that steddy purpose others just bite the method,
reckless, nasty ill wit it, tongue flip it, get it,
ladies swallow, fellas spit it, gifted, hope you don't miss it,

lifted always, junior high hallways,
after school we watched them all say,
they were spraying guns on friday,
and if anybody want it, then they can step my in way,
glad I walked away, cause they ain't breathing to-day,

who dan and ray? they doing what?!?!
on the highway with merch, middle fingers up,
on to the next chump, of course we never gave up,
better off on our own then waiting round on your luck,

times up, [drop/pause] now times on..
mahf gimme a scratch...[word] now drop a bomb, [booooom "funk flex style"]
I snapped and went crazy, then I wrote song,
rappin something bout ya boi steddy rockin' all night long...yeah

"as we begin to rock....." [sample]

rocking all day, rocking all night, make the vibe right,
grip it tight, feel it in the room tonight,

RRRRRRRockin, feel it in your body til you moshin'
the energy is awesome, I'm glowing in the coffin'
put it on my jonson, from Austin to Slauson,
Missouri up to Boston, they know the tracks is knockin,

listen up, it's going round, better stop the talkin'
dumb it down no, never on some waka flockin'
no chopping block or auction, I told you that I'm rocking,
so if the ride breaks down, my ass goin get to walking,

since I was a baby I wondered how you that?
started getting older, and then I watched my brother Kevin mix a track,
he even had plaque, a couple in fact, inspired me to rap,
and now I'm being that cat for the truth jack and the back scratch,
never come flat,

these people don't mix the business with honesty,
and those assholes that ruined the party committed robbery,
indyG'z came to bring the pain and a anarchy,
so if the group is down to party tell em all to follow P,
Track Name: Pours Out
"yo, it's crazy to peep this game from an angle like,
sit back, relax, and just enjoy this shit like you at
a movie with a bag of popcorn" dear music - fuck you, love you

I walk around in life with my heart in my hand,
given dap to those that listen disrespecting the man,
so I guess there's blood all over my hand.......damn,

my soul pours out everyday making songs for you,
I'm not talking bout a lady but why I do the things I do,

I don't know, but this music's gotta go ( x 2 )

go go ( x 2)

"it might blow up, but it won't go pop"


started a lil while ago, been going in and guess what?
.......nobody still really gives a fuck,
I lost some more friends this year, I guess they're jealous of me,
when all I really want them to do is love me,
there's not much to it, no glitz, no glamore,
our shits knockin' on doors like hammers,
way more potent than that bammer,
so until they throw me in that slammer,
I'll be rapping in or behind bars serving slang in a foul manner,
ay yo, these venues and clubs can be like gangs sometimes,
struggling with the holds, when I'm just trying to get out my rhymes,
and promoters in these regions got the contracts over agents,
and when it comes to faking fouls, it doesn't matter cause their flagrent,
furthermore, the business is a bitch, everybody's fucking,
I'm venting, but on this topic, these people are ducking,
so until I own a Church's and get the chickens cluckin',
I'll be right there at your local function, early,

you got me, here it is, the departure before arrival,
mc for survival my rifle cycles with viral precision,
I still envision a moment where I'm given my speech,
a place where everybody's quiet and money don't preach,
a dimly lit street where the real come to hear that heat,
not the overzealous underground, watch me as I teach,
increase the peace, floss the teeth of beef, it's oneness that you seek,
manipulate reality, deju vu, on a streak,
on to something big, don't kill it, a musical genius is brillant,
I'm the plotter with the pen trying to feel it,
and before I'm done I sign it and seal it,
not from any who steal it, but the MJ biters trying to beat it,
my soul, I'll make you eat it, it's makes your pupils huge and heavily weeded,
in my life when I get knocked down man I'm still undefeated,
I'm walking towards the landing site, the reason the others retreated,
and now I've got this sickness in my body no one can treat it,

gotta get away from the reason I do it anyway, future and the family,
and ain't nobody handed me shit, ok, that's cool, but what's the picture
depict? we heard about the persistence, could this be a bit redundant,
this was at the point in the lab, I cracked a smile and grabbed my bag,
and realized I'm drinking by myself downing beers talking mad,
call it therapy, call it sad, I bring it all to the pad,
emotion deep within these sheets, baby I bring it all to the pad,
shout out to that strong woman with the bright smile,
one day I think you should have my child, ok, this is getting wild,
but it all comes out in the music, the reason I'm always changing,
people get used to it, the music and movement is always banging,
forward thinking frame of mind, all day any time, check the rhyme,
hum the melody, and feel it everytime,

--> it goes, "indyground all day," "indyground all day"
Track Name: By Myself
when I started out in this business,
I was clouded by young dreams and a conflicted interest,
unaware of everything around me, so I lashed out,
running away from running, acting up until I crapped out,

again and again being let down, permafrown, in a town,
where everybody wants to be the killa clown, bitin' the
stage show and the sound, but that's not me,
my shovel's puttin' doubters indyground,

let's take it back to mad real, at first I fell off
when Eddy really truly came to kill,
that next week, I promised I would never be a punk,
prepared all my raps then Eddy didn't show up,

I'm like, what the fuck, am I doing this for,
I mean can't some young brothas make music anymore,
plans to blow up big and put the album in stores,
you know, do it like the felt, but now I gotta go,


hook (2x)

All by myself, working hard on the daily,
devils and the haters, no, no, no, they can't fade me,
dedicated to that pretty girl with that baby, or should I say lady,
man I'm going crazy, all by myself.


it's not a scream or cry for attention,
just a little something to mention, for those who can relate,
and not pretending,
so until I get that spoon bending, it's western union money sending,
building the buildin' with sun deck extensions,

I dream big, take risks, reel in big fish, would travel
round the world just for that one kiss,
eternal optimist, glass half full of life of the party,
and my sexual nature tends to get naughty,

jealous ones always troublesome, double dumb, messing up with
frict-shun, threats to your creative king-dom,
I am not the one, but the only one, keep my shit
herbal and humble looking towards the sun for a son as a son

for the ones before me and some, but wait,
that's the train of thought that's got me drinking ketel one,
modern day revolutionary, entrepreneural adversary,
goals coming true is scary yet legendary,
Track Name: Outta My Mind
ladies, first off, if you got a good man, keep em'
we as men have plenty of excuses to fuck up
for no reason,
besides when them sun dresses spring back in season,
it's just another reason, for alot of heavy breathin',
that star hits the skin, fools hormones is steamin',
hit the town, drinkin' Hen, press play at night
downtempo profile, looking for the center of my universe,
or at least a girl who's got my cd in they purse,
thanks for being a part of earth, cause out there, there's
plenty rats,
and thanks for dancing like that, baby she got hella back,
I'm going all around the map, don't even know when I'll be
back, so hit me on the jack, busy man, baby, that's a fact,
don't need to give these chicks plenty drinks just to reach
the sack,
and def don't need to come home to see her with another cat,
yeah, I done seen like all of that, fallen for that love trap,
but I can't front, one day I am hopEing I can make it back,


thinkaboutyoueveryday, thinkaboutyouallthetime

can't get you outta my mind

my mind, my mind | my mind, my mind,


when I think about you right now all I wanna do is fuck,
I ain't got nothing to say, baby you been cuttin' up,
see I can't say that, that wouldn't get me anywhere,
but baby I'm a man, I just wanna get in that underwear,

ray you need to stop it, but baby it's my feelings
loving you is better than reality, fuck
dreaming, wait, another sun dress...
more heavy breathing,
fukc it, let's go out, bout to clown and hold it down,
pull the baddest honey in the town,

backthickerlooker lickherdown
passed the mary go round
turned around, love that sound,
nasty, and the neighbors like...TURN IT DOWN,
they know it's steddy shakin' walls and the ground,

we need some girlies for the video,
upload to vimeo, cummin' live in stereo,
weed and henny, here we go,
stop it, typically that ain't ain't me,
chill dude, captain's seat and a big bag of tree like...


If I ever get married, give me a bachelor party with
hella strippers, hella weed, and all my closest kin
sittin' next to me,
and across the room there better be some freeky shit goin on
and a girl on a poll sliding down taking extascy,
A giant budding weed plant where everybody can pick
exactly what bud they wanna break down and twist up,
I'm sorry, I'm a dreamer and would rather fantasize
bout what exactly makes me tick instead of me blowing up,

or is it my fault if it's you I still want,
here we go again, it's you in my head and I'm still stuck,
love struck, and the only way I'm waking up is a sudden leap of
faith or me meeting face first with a truck,

I'm not a crazy fuck, yeah, well maybe I am,
but I know that every woman doesn't need a man,
and they all have a plan, and if not including me then
I gotta scram...
Track Name: The Eye ft. Farout & J Bomb
steddy verse

breaking down many walls for my pride to fall,
always tried to be myself with my back against the wall,
deep fryers, landscaping, retail at the mall,
shaped me to be the best I can be for crew de eyeball,

stop it, this is my call, and bitch it's a straight shot,
crown mixed with henney on the rocks no soda pop,
that will bring you up to our level for a convo,
headband rondo mailed from Chicago,

jumping in our cypher bitch is always crazy congo,
A dollar short, and a year late, yeah but now its pronto,

isn't this great, sacraficing life for the cheapskates,
pinching every damn penny, no queso on the cheesesteak,
talkin' bout livin life topless when the titties fake,
but why hate, ignorance is bliss when it's for art's sake,

why lie, don't try, this guy been high,
been reppin' and doin'it,
dreams I'm pursuing it,
livin' and breathin' the EYE,
Track Name: Patience
we never know, where we're gonna go, so we always
rock with patience,
so if we ever know where we're gonna go I bet we're
gonna rock with patience,


the reason I push things is cause I want them now,
how long must my conscience still frown, anyhow
I learned to cope, bury it, be a man, move in
silence, the battle within the core is violent when
it nevers gets a quiet moment,

others flood their time with countless distractions,
no tagging or bragging, these days I'm lost, kids ain't even
influenced by my TV first, back in KC,
no beaches, trains, or bball teams, and very little graffiti,

props to King Gear and Scribe, fried okra on the side, and family AAU
basketball long drives,
here's to running away from dogs and getting away to tear
shit up another day when I told mom that I was only
going out to play,

and here's to pinchin' pot from pops when I was gettin'
hip to hop, dreaming bout rising to the top, sellin' like
pac up in the shops, passing drug test in front
of cops, never caring bout what was hot,
yes, this is only one plot to a movie that's never gonna stop,


especially when he's drunk, no days off huh, it's monday,
a single grey hit my beard at 25, stressing to break into this industry
without some shuck and jive,

always dying to survive, working so I can supply,
getting all consumers high, that's the contract that I signed,
no lie, a promise to myself in bad health, a cherished
moment golden, give the people what they want, don't front,
stop holdin', wait....

what's the rush for, don't slip on the dust floor,
you're got cobwebs and baggage to clear out before the in store,
instore for more if I don't kill myself first,
performing Banksy one last time before my motherfuckin heart burst,

don't quit the job yet, get the money for the ring,
and don't quit team yet right before they get the dream,
the proof is in the pudding so NEVER give up the sauce,
please exit through the gift shop, and beware Mr. Brainwash,


Ay yo P,
Why don't other locals reach out to you? I don't know, but
they don't owe me any kinda favors dude, I do me, and typically stay
in my lane, they say they are progressive but unable to change
so with them, I keep it the same.

Ok steddy, so when you gonna eat at the big table, we see ya
friends here and there gettin' on big labels?
Ha, another one where I don't make the call, and that's not the
goal, homies need to take it slow on a stroll. give the artist a chance to
grow, that's where I had to go, helped me blossum into the emcee
with a better live show,
I mean, so where's this all going, you still ain't crackin' yet?
here pretty soon we might have to start calling you a vet?
well, I don't work for the man and I def don't work for you,
so I guess what I'm trying to say is, ah...fuck you?
two syllabuls, one word, faceless,
properly producing potential for people thru patience,
Track Name: Ballroom
It can't be like that, I mean I see them other cats
but them fools can't rap, #fact,
they a B rate movie in act,
so if I saw you with one of them, why would I
cut you any slack, wack,
plus we look good when we sac,
let me grab the tripod and make
a movie, relax,

baby smells great, cleans up nice,
and she can have what she likes, despite any price,
little buccs need to step their man game up,
skinny jeans ain't no reason to be a punk acting all up,
and I am no captain, and that's what's up,
I kick to game to my nephew,
he knows who to let go, and who to step to,

open up her car door, looking for the wifey type,
I am not the whore, my name is steddy, you
can find my music in your apple store,
hopefully you want more, and willing to pay a
small cover at the door, chore, bring a friend
to the next show, or, go back to the other show, bore, snore.......

Two please, and let us get a booth please,
the one with the pink roses, and you can bring the wine and cheese,
my energy is kinda sorta disease, add the trees, my beats the bee knees,
plans to be overseas, I want you rocking me, and that's from the heart bb,
by way of KC, indyG, my passion borderline crazy,

no they can't fade the denims, dark and razor sharp,
relay start, sweet tarts, ignore charts, here to prove heart,
watch the team embark, our movement moves hearts, love sparks,
interest in midwest, always leaving here to leave marks,
I've always stayed to myself, never the narc,
it's time for that bullseye, one more chance, now make the art.
Track Name: Heartbeat
since the beginning I've had this ball of pride,
deep down inside, it fights the love when the struggle collides,
eats what it can, digesting reality, when you broke and hungry
all that matters is salary, dreams become a casualty,

tragedy happens more often than not, it's apart of the plot,
the dumbest question is to ask when it stops, I got money in
my sock in the drawer put away for a rainy day,
but usually not cause them days stay everyday until May,

so then I'm left to stray in a crowd without sunglasses on,
sun shining on my black ass far from seeing the norm,
far from seeing the tree flying toward me from the storm,
killacity midwest tornado regime mixed with a brainstorm,

preserving a future, planning for the future,
planning and prepping tours, no days off doctor take out the suture,
a mix between Lex Luger, Lex Luther, a drawn out bad rumor,
and the baddest ridiculous super computer designed to time travel
and kill my brother's cancer and tumor, no exploited
Michael Moorish manuever,

I just shoulda got it done
sooner, like being prepared for the babyboomers,
if you're so street, then I'm a ninja turtle from the
sewer, been there everyday everytime, ask everyfan about
everyrhyme, on my tech shit, everyreadysteddy at gametime,
been on my, p's and q's just for you, and the tried and true,
the "cool" bloggers don't have no clue, boo hoo,
bitch take a step in my zoo, from the middle of middle in
the heartland inbetween KU and MIZZOU,IGE is the crew,


like the bass in the speaks, like bums crawling in the streets,
I am not the one to preach, I heard KRS teach, watchin' Aljapro
turning cats to Mince Meat,
no longer sitting in the bleachers, dropping all this music without a
big feature, kicking dream killers in the keaster,

I'm just, trying to make another level go thru the meter,
ain't no way they in that dry cold spittin' heaters,
lyin' ass demeanor, no purpose, smurk of a snake,
been fake, rather quit and watch Mahf's bpm's calculate,

rotate, spinning, bitter harsh venom, fuck winning,
I'm sinning you must be kidding sleeping on the kid
put here to progress the city,
sorry I killed your entitlement asshole,
now pogo on the totem poll like a stripper off parole,

looking down, closing eyes hoping another's open,
now I'm reaching my hand out drowning in the ocean,
I used to sit around wondering what am I goin do now,
so I decided just to drown and battle the next life for indyground,

I never knew that world's could die within a moment,
So I'm desperately holding on to what I think is golden,
writing my own poetry, no money scheme to get you open,
genuinely dying to live for those who have hope,
fuck a quote, do what we have to, so we jab the throat,
rob the boat, cheat the rope, replaced your crack with plenty soap,
never been the dope but the dope,,,...
pause for reflective note,

Track Name: The Art of... ft. Ill Poetic
steddy verse

well I guess I gotta follow your tracks,
I've been in the shadow's all this time and I ain't bout to
take the murder rap, I'll throw my conscience all over that,
with a splash of backpack, add some kc hustle, cause ain't
nobody really touching that, Ill instructed me to go ahead
and dump the body, but the boat was shotty so I couldn't
ditch the hotty, so I just popped some molly and spoke with
the corpse all day, filled her with my BS, taxidermy wordplay,

I thought about what to do with a genre pushing thirty,
so I bought liquor and took her out, weekend at Bernies,
even did her hair, little bit of lipstick too,
strings tied to her wrist, animated by the crew,
I think she said something, but I wasn't really believin' hernah,
people would think I'm crazy, borderline necrophilia,
we took her to Berbiligia, smashed more whiskey,
then my delivery was tipsy, she then got bitchy,

thinkin' what would Rakim or Dexter do?
try to revive her, or throw her off a plane
no parachute,
and I thought that she was so cute, guess I finally dumped the
body, great release with the follow thru,

so don't try to worry about what I'm goin do,
if you had the chance as I did, I bet she woulda swallowed you,
realize, everyone before you, fathered you,
honesty, but honestly that really doesn't matter to you,
don't think I'm that crazy baby, but I did the shit to honor you,
for the art of..., written with or without blood, its written about you,
fled the scene without a clue, catch me at another dying record store
to see what I'ma do,
Track Name: What We're Fighting For ft. Miles Bonny
everybody in the world just come on down,
it's that indyG boi with that midwest sound ya know,
and I love what I do, so I love you too,
this that real hip hop made with love from me to you so,

somebody grab another beer, and please roll a joint,
this the party kicker here, and don't forget that point,
turn the music up louder, and that bullshit down,
I don't need no coke, just crown, fooooool watch me now,

It's a celebration bitches, from now til' like infinity,
the biggest rager party with bass kickin' and you're hearing me,
mahf is on the tables with the playlist spanning history,
like geto boys, then scarface, R-A-P-A-L-O-T,

old skool, whispers, bootsy, roger, Z-A-P-P,
fingers dusty from the vinyl but the sounds make me so damn happ-p,
still finding where I map, spread energy, no hippie shit,
literally, I'll blow some smoke your way so you get that contact fix,

this is for lights, gettin' right, when the night excites,
and all the pretty girls smiling, dancing at the show tonight,
the little homie in the back that got his chance to rip the mic,
this is our life and I'm sure we're gonna live it righhttttt?????

I'm in the moment I've been waiting for, closed another chapter,
and I'm bout to read like 80 more, plotting dreams thereafter,
wonder what's in store, hope a banner from the rafters,
vintage lamp with a clapper, and a baby pet raptor,

if life is a race, I'm working faster to slow it down,
I enjoy the small towns, many hats and many crowns,
in big cities I'm a kid and their playground is where I live,
music always on me, not spamming you, but can I give?

yeah, we in that free dope culture, hard to be that cat
on all the kids posters, burned before it popped like toaster,
album never was a coaster, just had to swap the engine out and
get a bigger motor,

thankfully getting smarter as I'm getting older, hopefully
getting iller as I'm getting colder,
indyG soldier, watching for the rollers,
others say they used to love her, so I'm gonna hold her til it's over,